50 Cent

Listen to me ok, Remy is crazy. Nigga called my phone talking about set up the fight. I said the bitch is a shooter, what the fuck are you talking about man. LMAO #frigo
Bitch you done did it now, 😠😀LOL #effenvodka
My God, πŸ‘€ what kinda πŸ§€πŸ€ RAT shit is this?
Pure adrenaline, a action film you don't want to miss Den of Thieves. #effenvodka
Soon as I wrap here, I'll catch you on the PARTY TOUR. #denofthieves #effenvodka
And the best selfie Award go's to, lol #denofthieves #effenvodka
He brought the TACOS & BEER, then the 3 some popped off. Lol #Frigo
New 50cent & @unclemurda Thot Remix video. Lol #effenvodka
Check the date and get your tickets Now!!! #effenvodka
I'm hungry,I didn't eat all day, I'm light headed. πŸ˜†I'm gonna put this kid on TV watch.LOL #effenvodka
I know, I know, I'm getting old but we are all getting older πŸ˜†and I'm not falling off. #effenvodka
New single @rotimimusic Nobody ft TI & ya Boy #effenvodka
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