50 Cent

We had dat shit πŸ”₯ in there trust me. They was heavy on the ICE πŸ’Žand I love it because we celebrate each other, we don't hate each other. Winners only #EFFENVODKA
Boy we do it so big, all you can do is look and say oh shit look at that. πŸ‘€lol Birdman came out to fuck wit me. KOD #EFFENVODKA
Watch how this play out, 2017 πŸ”₯#EFFENVODKA
Me and @josephsikora4 in ATL chilling. #EFFENVODKA
THOT video shoot, New Heat πŸ”₯on the way.
This video Is gonna be crazy. #EFFENVODKA
@unclemurda what you want to be a thot for,In progress. πŸ”₯#EFFENVODKA
This little guy just dose something to me. He tell his mother, take a picture and send to my dad. 😏
Fuck that this is the fight, I'm gonna get Floyd back in the ring.let's go champ 1 more time 50 for 50. I just ran into Dana white I can make this happen. #EFFENVODKA
lol it's going down baby, #thefightstillon
Hi fifty I am normally asleep at this time, but I just had to tell you this. Meech just called and told me that those people - The lawyer (ghost dad) and also farakaun son have sent 152 emails in the last three days, meech also confirmed that Terry did not sign any deal with these people. (😳I'm being attacked by educated, stupid niggers that lack common sense. ) Now I'm gonna say this shit slow so you can get it. IM DOING THE BMF SERIES Ass Hole's β˜•οΈπŸΈ SMH
@mskellyprice is set to sing the National anthem at the fight Chris vs. Soulja. #thefightstillon
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