✨17 y/o 📍Atlanta ,Georgia || 👻snapchat •lils|| 🕋but my mercy encompasses all things [7:156]||

Que sera ,sera
Can't be too early for Halloween
Take every chance. Drop every fear🍀
Grateful for where I am. Excited about where am going
The things I used to trip on I walk over now. 18 YEARS. OLD BIRTHDAY VIBES🌅🎇. ⭐️The New year girl⭐️
Forever is composed of nows. 🕊Happy Ethiopian New year
No rain,no flowers🌼🌼
Skin care👩🏼
Flower 🌻🌼
Eid Mubarak!! Y'all !!
Outfit details. Top @urbanoutfitters jeans @zara shoes @adidas
To plant a garden is to believe on tomorrow
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