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VICTORIA’S SECRET FITTINGS: Another @victoriassecret beauty has left the building. This time? Meet lovely @aidencurtiss , who will walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the very first time this November. Not a surprise, really - her mother was legendary supermodel of the world, Katoucha Niane. She’s going to be huge. And, fun fact: the first ever show Aiden walked in she was styled by our very own Editrix-in-Chief, #SophiaNeophitou . She’s family. Watch the film and see more from the series on 10magazine.com - link is in bio… #VictoriasSecretFashionShow #VS2017 #VSFittings2017 #VSFittings #VictoriasSecret #SophsVSMemories #VSFashionShow #AidenCurtiss
BYBLOS: “A female manga spirit split in two,” said the press release, which, after admittedly initially misreading as “mango” (long day) realised that this was actually about those Japanese comics that people get totally obsessed with, the collection an ode to those power ladies who reside within their pages. Centre here was the obi (as in the Japanese waist-fastening) here looking a bit like a karate belt to give shape to mini-dresses and skirts that nipped the waist. But this was about contrast - those more controlled shapes giving way to prettier, hyper-feminine lace gowns that revealed the girl’s bodies beneath. It was all whipped together with Byblos’ knack for colour and print - here, zingy lime greens were calmed with white and black, prints were magic-eye geometrics or echoed the stroke of a lipstick. Photograph by @jasonlloydevans #Byblos #LFW #10Magazine
GUCCI: Lost for words. Well, not quite, how about: opulent, transporting, 1980s, thoughtful, exciting, perfection? That’ll do. Obviously referring to Alessandro Michele’s latest @Gucci romp, held in the brand new Gucci Hub amongst a *deep breath* modern re-interpretation of an ancient map featuring Roman poet Orazio’s country home, the Imperial Forza and a catwalk to represent the Tiber river. Yeh, us neither. But it was impressive. Movie set style. Out stomp our models to equally stomping music and a bit of a light show (ooh-ahh, etc) and trail past us in a glimmer of beautiful “stuff”. Stuff because there doesn’t seem a much more appropriate word for the amount Mr Michele sends down the catwalk, but we’re firmly of the opinion: more is always more and Alessandro always satiates our greed for beautiful things. I’m always reminded of that Diana Vreeland quote that goes something like: give them what they never knew they wanted. Things that once seemed unappealing now become need-this-now under Mr Michele's deft touch - a brocade Liberace-esque tracksuit with lurex trim? Uhhh, want. A top made from entirely from rainbow of paillettes, worn with a striped handkerchief hem-skirt, diamante studded tights and a Strictly Ballroom heel? Yes, YES. An embellished leather mini with beefy shoulders and a monogram bumbag to cinch the waist? A crystal helmet? A sunglass with a single plastic tear? Nuts, yes, but totally beautiful - a living breathing testament to the statement atop the press release: “the act of creation as an act of resistance.” But it’s not pure fancy - picked apart there was plenty to wear - a new focus on tailoring, baggy, totally wearable - sweet knitwear, softer chiffon gowns and tonnes of cracking bags and accessories. Like the show title, a hypnotism - clothes to fall into a trance and no longer be responsible for your actions. Blame the Gucci. Photograph by @jasonlloydevans #Gucci #AlessandroMichele #MFW #SS18 #10Magazine @lallo25
What a spectacular end to another glorious Fashion Week thank you to the gorgeous Burberry Team for organising this amazing dinner at Zetters @zettertownhouse it was truly magical surrounded by 10 family what a beautiful night to cherish always!! Thanks @izzimay for making it all possible and @derekridgers @tarasthill @annatrevelyan @antonioberardiofficial @claudia.croft @richard_gray @ @amycroxford @phoebebluecobb for all being there to make the night so perfect! Sophia Neophitou #celebrate #magicmoments #lfw #burberry #memories
TOMMY HILFIGER: Rock Circus was the name of @tommyhilfiger 's London outing. Which we're going to call a bit misleading, because this was actually a fashion celebration of music's subcultures, from the 1970s to, well, today. Think of this as your Spotify playlist in clothing form. A Sister of Mercy coat with a Wu Tang sweatshirt, a Spice Girls hot pant, a low-slung TLC bare hip with a Marilyn Mansun PVC pant replete with easy open zipper. All that's missing is a nude Lil Kim logo moment. We didn't have that. But we had Gigi. Who wasn't nude, or Lil Kim, but she's practically rock and roll royalty isn't she? She's dating Zayn Malik. Could she be the Bianca Jagger to Zayn's Mick? Will she be trotting down the catwalk on a white horse? No, this time she just walked, on her legs, but maybe next time. The Hadid dynasty was also well represented by sister Bella and brother Anwar, so it was all a bit of a family affair. Plenty of other nu-supers too. Devon, Sara, Hailey et al. Call it a Glastonbury of beauty. With Tommy as the headliner. And what better way to close out London than that? See you in Milan. Regram #TommyHilfiger #GigiHadid #BellaHadid #LFW #SS18 #10Magazine
Muppets and Martians a plenty tonight as Love Magazine @thelovemagazine celebrates its September issue. Thank you @kegrand for our fashion highlight party of the week! Sophia Neophitou #thelovemagazine #magicmoments #fashion #fashionparty #martians #danceyourselfdizzy
CHRISTOPHER KANE: House coats and slip dresses and something approaching a peignoir: welcome young man to the world of suburban sex clubs and soft core fetish. Step inside @christopherkane 's saucy world for spring where shiny ciré skirts are worn with satin blouses and debs in cocktail frocks sup sweet champagne in black patent gloves. All the better for some serious spanking. Divine gem-encrusted cut-out cardis and gorgeous pink ones too are pulled over soft slips and daring nighties. She's the kind of woman who invites the milkman in and charges for the privilege. Naughty Christopher channelled a secret and suburban world normally hidden behind net curtains, where men pay for a lady's attention and the lady looks divine doing so. And was that a dress that looked like something worn by a maid? Indeed, sir! A prostitute's maid. Buy Personal Services starring Julie Walters immediately for more: a tale depicting the life of infamous madame and brothel keeper Cynthia Payne (Madame Cyn). Spanking games for naughty boys essential! Photograph by @jasonlloydevans , text by @richard_gray #ChristopherKane #LFW #SS18 #10Magazine
ROKSANDA: Colour so good it’s edible. You want to eat it. Candy shop-shades of cerise and red, yellow and electric blue sit alongside a palette cleanser of pure, bridal white. @roksandailincic always feels super polished. These clothes look expensive, glam and you can imagine exactly the type of women who would wear this stuff (clue: she’s fabulous). Take note: shape of the season so far is the ruffled smock. It’s come up again and again, but Roksanda is doing it better than most - loose, dropped-shouldered and A-line, falling away to a ruffly hemline, full of volume but light as a cloud. Plays on volume all the way through, actually - big bell sleeves on blouses and dresses came into a tight cuff, whilst tailoring came long, sleeveless and roomy, secured at the wait with rope fastenings. Silky ruffled blouses worn with high-cut trousers suggested the 1970s, so too the jewel-tone silk dresses, worn with swingy flared pants beneath. Fantasy gowns to finish - layered tulle creations, covered in delicate flowers. Very pretty indeed. Photograph by @jasonlloydevans #Roksanda #LFW #10Magazine
ANTONIO BERARDI: Topical *and* political: the show notes left on our seats at the @antonioberardiofficial show were simple and to the point: a quote from Roosevelt reminding us all that we, too, are all immigrants somewhere in our family timeline. And this was the starting point for Berardi's divine spring collection, which he based on the experience of his parents as Italian immigrants to the UK. "It was about making something out of nothing; of looking your very best with no money," said the designer of his family's reappropriation of old clothes, which they cut and spliced and re-sewed into new garments for a new life here. This meant intricate and beautifully tailored nip-and-kick jackets belted or buttoned in myriad fabrics: sections of Prince of Wales check and voile came together in sexy tight patchwork silhouettes; trousers too were cropped short and kicky and when worn with the jackets as suits felt like a new approach to power dressing - sexy and linear; beautifully aggressive. A structured skirt suit, with the back slashed at the centre seam, was held together with a criss-cross shoestring and resembled an Admiral's epaulettes. Sportswear was dissected and reissued too, as a hooded poncho came re-spun in a gold daubed fabric for a fresh take on evening, an area Berardi has made his own. One quick look, above, at the red new-way for nighttime looks proves the point. Much of the collection was teamed with sharp dom-style patent boots, some lace front others just simply "in charge". Of the intricate faux lace gloves skilfully painted on the models' hands in black and white, said Berardi "its illusion, its about looking your very best." These surely the perfect allegory for an incredible and moving show. His family tell us they are very proud. Photograph by @jasonlloydevans , text by @richard_gray #AntonioBerardi #AlannaArrington #GraceBol #LFW #SS18 #10Magazine
EMPORIO ARMANI: Stream these films immediately: Mystic Pizza, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink. Tragi-excellent American high school films celebrating simpler times, where girls dressed up in shiny hi-tops and bombers to flirt with boys in sporty cars. More of this later. Mr @giorgioarnani is in town, a self-confessed Londonite and staying at The Beaumont hotel. Spot him in Idea books buying the rare first editions that you can't afford or pouring over choice pieces of architectural salvage at Lasco - he's got houses to fill! The reason he's in town? Not shopping! Showing! His new spring Emporio Armani offerings here at Tobacco Dock, Wapping. Yes, Wapping has never been so chic. On the frow? Anna (as in Wintour), Edward (as in Enninful) Liam (as in One Direction / Cheryl's baby-father) The clothes? Pastel confections that ran the chiffon gamut of sports-luxe to she-boss suiting to cricket knits. Add some sparkly trainers into the mix and some gorgey straw boaters via a punt down the Cam and all the above '80s films and you're there. Spotted backstage: everyone and his fashionable dog there to congratulate the style maestro on his made-for-London wardrobe. At the point of writing this, the afterparty was only just beginning. Rumours of '80s band A-ha making a surprise performance were swirling. For cool types high on nostalgia and champagne it doesn't get any better. Chin chin. Photograph by @jasonlloydevans , text @richard_gray #EmporioArmani #LFW #10Magazine
TOPSHOP: In no particular order: Soho, nightclub, marabou, bustier, supermodel. So far, so us. Now, we could delve deeper into the inspiration - Corinne Day, Madame Jojo's, Revuebar, the days before Instagram - but, quite frankly, all you really need to know is: this is @topshop doing what Topshop does best - namely, creating mega clothes that girls really want to wear, and will wear. Sooner than you think - the clothes went on sale straight after the girls left the catwalk on Topshop's website. So what will you, inevitably, be wearing this season? This girl's a party girl. Nothing quite says party girl like a white trouser and a diamanté belt, same goes for a sheer showgirl mini covered in come-to-bed marabou. Something of the 80s working girl, too - acid coloured tailoring that was pitched at the shoulders, super-tight leather pencil skirts. Feminine touches came in baby doll shades and sheer ruffles, a toughness in foiled leather overcoats and matching pants, or the double-denim and personalised tees that the models took their final bow wearing. Call them clothes to party in - or, alternatively, just stay in and admire yourself in the mirror. Photograph by @jasonlloydevans #Topshop #LiliSumner #HaileyBaldwin #LFW #SS18 #10Magazine
VERSUS VERSACE: A distinct whiff of cowboy at @versus_versace today. Cowboys at the beach? How else to explain the appearance of a speedo with “VERSUS” spelt out in diamante on the behind? If anyone can get away with it, it’s Donatella. The lady herself talked us through the collection on Friday, telling us that the collection looked back to the nineties, and the old Versace Blue Jeans perfume bottles, with the guitar-strumming cowboy on the front. So her team made an entire collection based on the tropes of the cowboy - the yoked shirts, the studs - but she decided, last minute, she wanted to rip it all up and piece it back together. It meant that the clothes here were stitched together like a collage - panels of duchesse satin with exposed stitching, tailoring cut into v-shaped chevrons at the back, mesh mini dresses with studded cowboy panels. "Versus is about individuality, bravery and pleasure,” she said. "This is for everyone who dares to express themselves in everything they do.” And where better to hold a show about expressing yourself than the hallowed halls of Central Saint Martins? Donatella said most of her team studied there - so today’s show came with the announcement of the Gianni Versace scholarship, giving full financial support for a student starting the MA program this Autumn. Here’s to a new generation. Photograph by @jasonlloydevans #VersusVersace #DonatellaVersace #LFW #10Magazine
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