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@khloekardashian giving us some major mid-week outfit inspo in her Good Waist Blue026 🙌🙌 #goodsquad #goodwaist
When you don't want to get out of bed at 4.30 am when your alarm goes off after a late night (late night being 10pm 😉), there is only one thing to think- WWTRD What would The Rock do? 😜👊🏾🤓
blemaz 🔁🔁🔁
Training 💥💥 #AJBoxing
با سلام. سال جدید روبه تمام دوستان و خانواده محترمتان تبریک میگم. انشالله سالی خوب و پربرکت و پررزق و روزی داشته باشید.ول سال فرج ظهورآقاامام زمان (عج)قرار بگیرد. کوچیک همه دوستان:سیدداوودحسینی.
Live fast, run slow. New trailer out today, not to brag but it looks prettttty darrrn cool 😎Memorial Day weekend can't come soon enough! #beBaywatch
"I'm really inspired by shapes and objects and shooting Marilyn was amazing because there's so many shapes and objects on her skin so it was interesting to see her tattoos very up close and learn a little about them. I find the fact that she wrote and illustrated a book about mothers with tattoos for kids very inspiring. We're a generation that's making huge leaps in society and we are the driving force behind those changes. Not all kids are used to tattoos and having a book to teach you that it's ok is pretty useful and leads to inclusiveness, tolerance and acceptance in children." - @brainalaviena on photographing @calientechica in our all new Oversized Denim Jacket Blue035 #goodsquad
Ayyye ✌🏼
i don't know how the food tasted but this bakery had a1 lighting so ... 🥖🥐
دوستان پلیز دوست خوبم فالو شه😍😘 @soroosh_nrm @soroosh_nrm
@brainalaviena in our Oversized Denim Jacket Blue035, behind the scenes of her shoot with @calientechica 💎🔥 Check out our Insta stories to see more of the exclusive photos 😍#goodsquad
Never judge people you know Nothing about :) هرگز در مورد افرادی که میشناسید قضاوت نکنید :)
هلاو يابا 👀❤️ اني جيت شونكم شخباركم 😌؟ . . . . #حمودي_يوفي ⚽️❤️ . ‏ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ‏💎 👇🏻 Follow me 👇🏻 💎 . ‏⠀ ⠀ @hamody__97 ⠀⠀